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Garden Centres & Suppliers

Aloha Tropicals

Gommer's Fuchsia and Patio Plant Nursey

Barbadine - Tropical Seeds

Greenhouses from Hartley Botanic
Hartley Botanic manufacturers of the ultimate greenhouses for gardening professionals, landowners and enthusiasts, the Hartley Range of Greenhouses remains our best-selling greenhouse to date. Greenhouses endorsed by Kew gardens.

Greenhouses - Gabriel Ash Greenhouses,
Our Greenhouses are of a superior design, quality and construction and now available at your fingertips. All our products are endorsed by the RHS.

Sheen Botanical Labels Limited
Suppliers of engraved of plant and tree labels and plaques to a client's specific order, Sheen Botanical Labels also manufacture plant label stems and supplies tree fixing kits. Suppliers to Royal palaces, stately homes, botanical collections, public and private gardens and arboreta, landscape gardeners, and more.

Lighting for Gardens

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