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© Georita Harriott 2005


Commissioning a botanical illustration.

Georita Harriott is happy to accept private commissions each year. To protect both the client and the illustrator, private commissions will only be undertaken after an Acceptance of Commission contract has been signed and returned to the illustrator.

Terms and Conditions of sale.

1) Acceptance of Commission contract to be signed by the client and returned to the ilustrator - this will state clearly the name of the plant or plants to be illustrated and the fees for the illustration.

2) All commissioned artwork must be paid for in sterling, before it is sent out to the client, within one month upon receipt of the illustrators invoice.

3) Copyright of all artwork commissioned by the client remains the property of the illustrator.

Illustrator's Guarantee :

All artwork will be produced to the same high standards as a Kew Gardens colour plate, and will be sent by recorded delivery, in a secure package. As soon as payment is received the client will be notified and the work will be sent out immediately.