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© Georita Harriott 2005


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Testimonials on Work

"Your drawings are terrific, and it was a pleasure to see them. I regard you as a first-category talent in this difficult field."

Brain J Ford, author of Images of Science: A history of scientific illustration (The British Library, 1992)

"I used to think that we would soon be running out of superb botanical talent. But that talent is not declining. Those British artists keep on coming. They are the best in botanical art overall."

James White, curator of the Hunt Institute's Ninth Exhibition of Botanical Documentation 1999. English exhibitors included Pandora Sellars, Josephine Hague and Georita Harriott.

"The Garden frequently works with Georita and she plays a very valuable role in documenting and 'publishing' our collections."

Juliet Day, Cambridge University Botanic Gardens, 2006.

The Lavandula Monograph:

"The descriptions of the individual lavandula species are accompanied by superb watercolours all detailing habit, flowering shoot, flower spike and an enlarged cyme."

Joan Head, curator of the National Collection of Lavenders and editor of the Lavender Bag, 2004.

"To our three truly remarkable artists, whose work once seen will never be forgotten. Georita Harriott, Cristabel King and Joanna Langhorne. Congratulations on winning an RHS gold medal."

Susyn Andrews and Dr Tim Upson, authors of the Kew Lavandula Monograph, Kew 2004.

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